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Setting up this module is very easy. Please follow the instruction given below.

Compatibility with DNN versions – DNN Community Version + above

Download and extract package and Install GCR Contact module.
Add a page to your site where this module will be added.

Administrative Settings

Customize Labels /show hide fields Settings
After that setup this module by going to setting section. click on module settings to bring the setting and than expand the ContactForm Settings section.In setting page you need to provide detail about labels of name, email, and phone, address etc .Fields need to be checked or unchecked through check boxes if you want to show /hide corresponding fields.

Define own template using tokens
Module provides you template facility i.e. you can create your own layout. You need to use tokens in layout .Each token has been defined in setting itself. If you do not provide any template for page layout then default layout will be used in front end.

Customize Email Settings
Fill email settings so that admin receives email.

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